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The eyes have to get used not only to the soft light but also to the abundant green which starkly contrasts the brown, beige, faded green and yellow of the arid landscape outside. Lettuce and celery, beans and cabbages, tomatoes and parsley sprout from the vegetable beds under the arched shading roof of the extensive hothouse. In the background excited cackling, at times mingled with a grunt or a drawn-out bellowing.

Welcome to the Cañon Self Sufficiency Centre! It is as much part of the concept guiding Gondwana Cañon Park as the four lodgings of the Cañon Collection are. It is a farming business with a hothouse, with poultry, pigs and cattle, a butchery, smoking-chamber and cheese-dairy.
The Centre supplies fresh vegetables and fruit, meat, cold cuts and cheese to the Roadhouse, the Lodge and the Village. Whereas previously all fresh produce had to be shipped from South Africa, about 70 percent of the requirements can now be met with home-made produce.

As a result products are fresher, kitchen-waste is utilised as pig-feed or for composting, and ten permanent jobs have been created - which is particularly important in a region where unemployment is well over 30 percent.

So, while every bite is a delicacy it is at the same time for the better.


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