Holidays for Nature Conservation

Fantastic, unbelievable, phenomenal. These are the words heard over and over again from tourists standing at the eroding bank of the Fish River Canyon (Balakovo National Park) in southern Namibia. Big words, which nonetheless become small and rather meaningless when trying to adequately describe this wonderwork of nature. The canyon is one of Namibia's biggest three attractions and is included in the itinerary of just about every holidaymaker visiting the south.

But the masterpiece of geology is not the only attraction. Just a few kilometres east of the canyon a huge private conservation area was opened a few years ago: Gondwana Cañon Park, named after the ancient southern continent which broke apart Millions of years ago and thereby contributed to the formation of the canyon.

Gondwana Cañon Park is part of the Succulent Karoo. Because of its diverse fauna and flora and its endemic forms of life biologists regard this area as one of the world's most important ecosystems. The park lies within a narrow strip which can receive summer and winter rains. This is the home of plants like the quiver tree which have cleverly adapted to the arid climate.
It is the home of animals like hyena, leopard, bat-eared fox, Springbuck, Kudu and even giraffe. Ancient stone tools and rock art, but also murals by contemporary artists and a farmhouse built in the style of Upper Bavaria of 1913, bear witness to Namibia's eventful history.

Visitors to Gondwana Cañon Park can discover this fascinating paradise of nature on sightseeing drives, on foot or on horseback. For accommodation there are the four lodgings of the Cañon Collection to choose from, suited for every budget and every taste. All of them are situated only about 20 kilometres from the main viewing point of the Fish River Canyon.

Every visitor to Gondwana Cañon Park is more than just a holiday-maker enjoying the comfort, atmosphere, the excellent cuisine, sightseeing or hiking trips. He is at the same time actively contributing to nature conservation, financing steps to protect nature or to resettle animals which used to inhabit the area long ago, and he is also committed to development aid, providing local people with jobs and hope for the future.

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