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The stone floor is pleasantly cool under the feet. There is lots breathing space. High above dark wooden beams carry the yellowish thatched roof. In the middle of the spacious room a snug little coffee shop. Next to it a well built from stone, complete with arch and bucket. And at the far end a massive reddish-brown granite boulder grows from the white-washed wall...

Cañon Village, built in 2003, is the result of harmoniously combining nature and comfort. The main building houses a restaurant, subdivided into cosy sections, a separate bar, a room for a group, a souvenir shop and a partly covered beer-garden. The style of the 24 chalets (with a total of 60 beds) is similar: the bathroom with shower and toilet is the thatched little 'house within the house'. A 'stoep', a roofed-in veranda with wooden railings in front of the rooms, and the Cape Dutch style impart a village quality.

The main building and the chalets indeed look like a quaint village nestling in the valley between granite tops and table mountains. While swimming in the pool you can enjoy magnificent views onto the plain
No village without gossip. In Cañon Village it is silent companions who eloquently speak of the goings-on: More than 100 murals in the main building and the chalets depict the history and culture of the Bondelswart-Nama who have lived in this area for centuries. They bring personalities to life who have played a role in Namibia's south, and they feature local plants and birds. The murals are the work of five Namibian artists. More of their paintings are sold in the souvenir shop.
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