The main building of the Cañon Lodge houses a restaurant, a bar, the reception and a small souvenir shop. This building is living history. The roof of the little tower in the centre carries a stylised iron bed with the year 1913 on it. The style of the house and the ornament on top point to the builders: two brothers from Upper Bavaria, who arrived in the country in 1904 and 1908 respectively. The bed on the roof is a Bavarian custom and means that the master of the house is a bachelor, looking for a bride. The story of the two brothers, against the background of colonial times and the First World War, is told in the booklet 'Expelled from the beloved country', available at the Lodge.
The 30 chalets (with altogether 56 beds) of the Cañon Lodge were lovingly built from rock, wood and reed. Granite boulders which have been there for thousands of years serve as a wall or two, creating a sense of being sheltered in a primeval way.
Cañon Lodge - At Home between Granite and History

Huge blocks of granite everywhere. Between them smaller rocks, a sheltered valley which opens into a wide plain. There is the occasional camel thorn tree, a milk bush, a succulent plant. Narrow stone paths wind through the valley, fork out and softly climb the rocky slopes. In the end each path finds a little house with a gable and a thatched roof, no matter how well it is hidden among the boulders...
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Every room, with bathroom en suite, has a private terrace overlooking the valley or the plain. Of course there is also a swimming pool for a refreshing dip.

The terrace, shaded by peppertrees, offers magnificent views of the vast landscape right up to the striking Spiegelberg on the other side of the mighty Fish River Canyon. A sundowner at the mountain is an unforgettable experience.

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