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The night has gone, the day not yet arrived. Excited chirping fills the pre-dawn air. The sandy plain dotted with shrubs, consisting of branches only, it seems. Here and there a big tree with a thick trunk and a globe-shaped top. Then, from far away, the sun sends her first fiery flashes over the horizon. The shrubs awake in light green, the tree tops still doze on in faint olive while the bark is greeting dawn with a golden twinkle...

Discovering Gondwana Cañon Park on a Sunrise Walk is not your everyday experience. Suddenly you become aware that even the rising of the sun, which goes mostly unnoticed back home, is a very special event. After a short drive the guide stops between milk bushes and quiver trees and explains animal and plant life. The sun is greeted with a cup of coffee, and the walk back to the lodge is rewarded with breakfast.

Alternatively you can join a three-hour guided Morning Hike after breakfast. You are also welcome to go walking on your own. There is no danger of being attacked by a predator, and in this open landscape it is easy to take one's bearings.

The first attraction, of course, is the Fish River Canyon close-by. The Cañon Collection offers an Excursion to the Canyon and the viewing points. The driver will tell you about the beginnings of the Canyon and about nature in general. It is an attractive offer not only for fly-in safari guests but also for self-drive visitors who like to be driven for a change. Especially the last 10 km to the edge of the canyon are rather rough on city vehicles.
The Sundowner Drive through Gondwana Cañon Park is sheer pleasure. Some game is usually spotted, too: Kudu, Springbuck, Oryx-antelope, Hartebeest and perhaps even giraffe. The landscape alternates between rocky slopes, sandy dry riverbeds and plains with shrubs and undulating grass. A hole high up in a rock opens onto a natural terrace with tremendous views – an ideal spot for a sundowner.

An Excursion on Horseback gets you even more into tune with nature. Beginners are welcome to join a guided tour. 14 horses are available. The excursion, in the morning or towards evening, takes between one and three hours. From May to August day-rides are arranged as well

Please note: All activities start at Cañon Lodge. Guests at Cañon Village can be picked up; guests at Cañon Roadhouse have only 17 km to drive.

A refreshing splash in the Pool of Cañon Roadhouse or Cañon Lodge is a great way to relax. Cañon Village proudly sports a 'Pool with a View' onto the vast plain.

How about coffee or lunch at another lodging of the Cañon Collection? The Roadhouse features petrol pumps and vehicle parts for decoration, at the Lodge the atmosphere of the historic farm house casts its spell, and in the Village the history and culture of the local Nama people is depicted by numerous murals. At Mountain Camp you can have a look at the thriving little farm business of Gondwana Cañon Park.

A worthwhile excursion is the 60-km-drive to Ai-Ais with its hot springs and thermal bath, at the southern end of the canyon.
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